Deer Scene – Oval

We love to see what people end up doing with our pieces.

This artist took one of our pieces and painted details to the piece. The amount of detail and work she had put in this piece is amazing.

Thanks you for taking the time to share this with us!


Check It Out

The ducks have arrived and have found their new home! They look amazing thank you so much! I don’t have social media myself but if mom or my sisters post them we will be sure to #TheIronBarn. Thanks again!


She had come to us wanting to recreate a cute line up of ducks that they had found online.

So happy we were able to help her make her idea a reality.

Painted Woodpecker


John has purchased several stuff from us in the past and little did we know but, he is a artist himself! The above photo was sent to us from him. They had purchased one of our unfinished (not coated) woodpeckers. Once they got it home he painted on his personal touches.

We have purchased several items from your store in Grand Bend and I wanted to share one in particular, the woodpecker.

When we bought it was not finished so I wanted to share the final product to show one of the finishes that can be done.

– John

You did a amazing job painting it John! We love hearing back from our customers so if you have purchased something from us and want to show us what you have done with it send us a email!

Scrabble Family Sign

family Sign

Check It Out!

This sign was made as a gift for a family member! It’s a cool unique way to represent your family.

Using a scrabble design they connected the names together, then added the family tree in the right hand corner to balance it out and symbolize family.

Choosing to have it finished in flat black was the final touch to make there custom piece perfect.

Just wanted to let you know that we have finally hung up the family tree sign you made for us last year. We love it!

– Prince


Check Out the newest Custom Piece!

Wow, this thing is going to outlive even me.

Thank-you, she is going to love it when she sees it.

– Jack V.

Made to stand up to anything and is coated so it won’t rust!

This gentleman was having issues with their mailbox always getting destroyed so, he came to us with an idea.

Using this new mailbox he had it represent his wife to give it to her as a gift. The top of the mailbox has her favorite things to represent her.

THe base is made as a sleeve to slide over there existing post. it has holes in the sides so it can fastened to the post.

Want one for yourself? They can be completely customized! COntact us today and have one quoted!

The Iron Barn!


New Custom Pieces created through the Iron Barn.

This couple had the centre pieces (Joseph, Mary, Jesus) for there nativity set along with the shelter. They came to us wondering if we could create the remaining missing pieces for them.

Now since they wanted to keep the attention on the family they wanted the pieces made as silhouettes that could be placed in the background.

They look amazing! I can’t wait to set them up next year and see what it looks like all put together. Thank-you so much!

– The Regiers

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Layered Jersey

IMG_1525 (002).jpg

We loved this project so much that we added it to our inventory!

This layered Jersey is finished in two colours. The bottom layer is white and the red is the top layer. The red layer has folding knobs that hold the white layer into place, allowing you to remove the back layer if you wish to change the colour or to leave it without.

Being that this piece is completely customizable it can also be made without the second layer, and can also have hanging hooks added to it for equipment, medals, etc.

Want to order one for a family member, or friend. Contact us today and let us know what you would like the jersey to say, the colour, and if you would like layered or anything else and we will send you the quote on what it would cost.

This piece is made to order.


3D Eagle

A cool unique 3D Eagle!


New to the Iron Barn!

Made originally as a custom piece but, we loved it so much that we decided to add it to our inventory!

They had came to us inquiring about getting a 3D eagle made that they could sit on their tree stump. Putting it there allowed for people to see something artistic as they entered the driveway to the house. They wanted something different and something that would stand out.

Coming to us with there idea we helped make it into a reality.
As of right now it is not painted and will rust over time but, we can definitely finish it painted for those who would prefer it that way!

Contact us today if you have an questions or if you have a project of your own in mind!

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Tree Wall Art

Check It Out!

New to the Iron Barn!

These trees were done to mimic our Tree Saw Design, without the saw handle.
Instead of finishing them in the regular flat black we decided to change it up and finish them in a chemical solution. This solution gave them a cool bronze effect.

Pricing is $55 for the small and $60 for the large.